INI Solutions


Comes as secure ASP or PaaS, resizable and distributed. It is designed to reduce complexity of fragmented DRM Systems.


Make your users experience better and provide ability to record video they like to network-based digital video recorder rather then at the consumer's private home.

INI FileLive

Monetize your existing VoD assets with our exclusive ad-insertion technique. You can easily create customized channels according to consumers taste and your business needs.

Complete Features List

  • Add Widevine support into existing PlayReady content. No need to re-encode entire library. Dynamic format conversion into DASH with multi-DRM capability.
  • Highly optimized, feature-rich HTML5 DASH Player.
  • Multi-DRM packager and license service.

Trick Play

  • Pause, Rewind, Forward, Resume to Live.
  • Rewinding for missing scenes in Live channel.

Catch up

  • past programs are automatically converted as VOD services.
  • Linear 24/7 channel from VOD clips
  • Dynamic ad-insertion : pre/ mid/ post-roll
  • Stream format : HLS / DASH