INISOFT provides building blocks to help each stakeholders in the market focus on their core business

2015 : Multi-DRM support for License Server and Media Server (Widevine, FairPlay)
Launched HTML5 Player

2014 : Launched Media Server
(Software Encoder, Packager, Streamer, License server, Playready License server)

2013 : Launched and consulted on eMBMS system

2012 : CMS Solution Development
Supported Android/iOS and Launched Player SDK

2011 : Launched Diceplayer (Android Video Player App)

2010 : Launched M-Learning system (DRM)
Launched vehicle-mobile IP TV and eBOOK DRM
Launched Contents DRM server

2009 : Code Signing system for Application market
Developed BSM system for Open BM support

2008 : Launched WIPI DRM V 2.0
Launched HD-USIM DRM Agent V 1.0
DRM system consultation

2007 : OMA DRM server, Client development and Device porting

2006 : Launched OMA 2.0 DRM Client system
Launched e-CRM system
Developed statistic system and management tool for messenger